Haven’t had much time to blog lately. Current updates on working life: washing dishes, buying breakfasts for other people, cleaning up office area. Eh wait, did I apply to be a cheap ass slave or a cleaner ar? I seriously can’t remember. Skin’s peeling off due to the dish washing liquid. Sien.

Personal life wise, some biatch had too much free time on her hands so she and other kepohs went around gossiping about other people that had nothing to do with her life. Feel like suggesting her to take a look at HER OWN messed up personal life before yapping about others. Am feeling pretty happy that I managed to cut off all ties or relations with said female canine. Harshly. Yay me.

Today is a Friday! Which means there will be a proper long ass post when I reach home today! Pinky promise! Oh, have to remember to transfer pictures of friend’s birthday party into computer. -_- Paiseh. In fact, I think I have to transfer allllll the pictures from my camera into the computer. -__________-

Ciao ciao for now!

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