Bad day

Another week has passed. And I’m sick again. Please don’t let it be the pig flu. T_T

Work has been… pretty uneventful. Today I OT-ed again for an hour plus, without pay of course. This routine is getting so tiresome. Wake up damn early, go to bed damn early. No surfing the net during office hours, no checking personal emails and things during office hour. What to do after reaching my target for the day? Dig something up to do. When all else fails, look busy and hang in there until 6.

Did I mention my office’s clock is slow? Good thing is, I can reach office a bit later, which gives me the chance to grab a sandwich to go. Bad news – when everyone finishes work at 5pm sharp, I finish at 6 something. Believe it or not, even though my office isn’t that far from my house, by the time I reach home it’s often already 8pm. Dinner, shower and straight to bed. And then the next day it repeats again.

Tomorrow, or rather later today, I will be waking up the ungodly hour of 5 plus. Why? Because I have to work on a blasted Saturday. A blasted Saturday that starts at 5 fucking am. I have to reach a place I’ve never been before by 7am. -_________- And run under the sun until 2pm. Ugh. Oh yes, did I mention I’m not feeling well?

Oh great, I just remembered I left my new storybook at work. Again. Which means I can’t read it over the weekend. Gah.

I had my first anniversary last week. We didn’t really get to celebrate it properly though I did get a bouquet of flowers from the boyfriend. 🙂 I am happy. But now isn’t the time to blog about it. Wait till I’m in a better mood and with a higher energy level then perhaps there will be a post on it.

For now, I’ve officially lost my mood to blog. Ciao.

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