My new obsession(s)

LG Arena. Retailing at about RM1.6k++.

I caught the advertisement yesterday and I can’t stop thinking about it now. And because I’m the most indecisive person you’ll ever meet (trust me, I can spend 30 minutes just to pick a chocolate bar), I still haven’t decided whether I should part with RM1.6k so that this beauty can be mine.

Any views? Comments? Ideas? Suggestions? You get the gist.

Oh, my internship was… not what I’ve expected. True, telemarketing is a bore. But I’ve actually went to a large scale exhibition in KLCC last friday, so at least my bi-weekly report for my first two weeks wasn’t so pathetic. Now I just have to hope that I have enough things going on in my working life to write a report on every two weeks.

I haven’t been updating frequently. There is another reason to that aside from the perpetually tired and sore body I have now.

This… this is what made me stay up till almost 5am in the morning despite waking up at 10am earlier on. This… is what made me… immune to sleep? Or rather, refuse to sleep. RM139 in exchange for panda eyes. Money well-spent. Now if only they’d patch the stupid bug soon…

p.s. ANOTHER THREE DAYS! VIRTUAL COOKIE TO WHOEVER THAT KNOWS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! Except that one person of course. cantwaitcantwaitcantwaitcantwaitcantwaitcantwaitcantwait.

16 thoughts on “My new obsession(s)

  1. Can I get a real cookie? =D
    The phone is nice..since baby phone also siao so long d. Get 1 ok ba. Price not really a problem gua since phone going to use for a long time but must take care properly no drop or kena water lo. It look so nice I also want the phone =.=

  2. there’s no particular reason why I hate LG.
    but I’m just loving Sony =D

    for me, X1 looks nicer. this LG looks like doesn’t worth the price only =p

    Indeed, the preview of Satio is very, very nice. 12MP camera but only coming out in this coming october..

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