Terribly sorry of the disappearance. Sigh. For those of you who aren’t informed, I’m currently in my Year 2 Semester 2. Which is supposed to be the semester where I’ll be doing my industrial training. Which also means I’m working. Full time. From 9am to 6pm in fact. Which means I have no life other than wake up, go work, come home, bed. Plus, I’m also sick, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone since this is already my second week at work, ie time to fall sick wtf.

My work isn’t terribly exciting, despite the impression that I’ve been given earlier on. *dark* In fact, it’s really kind of dull because all I do is telemarketing. 2 weeks without a single sale might I add. Fuck this shit. To be honest, work was a disappointment lah.

On the slightly brighter side, I’ve managed to go to work every single day in new outfits for the past two weeks! *brightens up* I doubt I’ll have that many work appropriate clothes to last me through third week though. This blog hasn’t seen pictures in quite some time, if I can find the time to upload pictures, maybe I’ll blog about my new nephew. 😀 Yeah, auntie now. Gah.

I miss being able to blog properly. 😦 And no, this is not ‘properly’. 😦 The worst thing on earth is that I’m not allowed to online at work at all. So my only companion is that blardy phone during work hours. Haih. I hate being a telemarketer. _|_ to all those rude people who slammed their phone down when I’m talking/greeted me as if I killed their parents/talk to me as if I owe them money/being an ass in general.


p.s. Now to find time to update the OTHER blog. T____________T I suck as an OL.

12 thoughts on “Zombie

  1. yay. a post at last hehe.want more..weekend blog lo hehe.
    ya lo..i also hate do telemarketing leh. but sometime rather do telemarketing den other suckier job – –
    need to look at the damn monitor til eye also pain

  2. lolz. that is like so sad case. i’ve done customer services and telephone orders before, so i NOE how u feel. i do find that those few that are nice 2 me actually make up for those that are rude. xP so at least i get to meet nice people. xP

    P.S Grats on being an AUNTY. xP

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