Accidentally in Love

This is a story about 4 people whose love lives are messed up. Lol. Sophie loves Kyle. And Kyle loves Sophie. Sarah loves Kyle, and has feelings for Ethan too. Ethan loves Sarah, but Sarah doesn’t know it. -__- Confused? Well, things are going to get worse. Fairies from the kingdom far far far away pities Sarah and decided to sprinkle love dust on her to make her realise Ethan is the one for her. But somehow along the way, the fairies sprinkled the love dust on Sophie instead. So now Sophie is in love with Ethan. Ha ha. No worries, in the end the fairies put things right again and everyone lives happily ever after. Now, pictures!

One day before the event. 🙂

Stage preparation.

More than 500 seats. =s

Main cast. From left: Sarah, Sophie, Ethan and Kyle. 🙂

Our advisor, Ms. Ina. She’s like the coolest lecturer ever lol. I iz serious.

Some of the costumes. The gold bundle is my costume. 🙂 And the wings belongs to one of the 3 main fairies.

A view of the hall from the stage.

Sam as one of the 3 main fairies. Gary fairy.

Jon. Another main fairy. The Combat fairy, or as I call it, The Green Blob.

Kumara. King Oberon, the fairy king. Complete with furry crown and a cape. xD

The actual day of the performance. From now on you’ll see people in full costume and make up! 😀

Combat fairy, Queen Titania the fairy queen and Gay Gary fairy.

Fairy dancers busy with make up and stuff.

Back of my costume. Err… those are my ‘wings’.

And I copied some photos of the show itself from other people shamelessly. Credits to whoever the images belong.

Fairies on stage with Sarah.

Kyle on the right with Sophie’s brother, Samuel.

Kyle, Sophie & Sarah.

Fairy dancers!

Fairies having an audience with King Oberon and Queen Titania. The girl in the grey and red costume? That’s Ming-Y, the Autumn fairy, who is also one of the 3 main fairies.

She is also the director of this musical. 🙂 

The chosen ones lol.

Fairies quarreling after messing up their job. Haha.

The King and the Queen. Check out the king’s make up yo. xD

Stopping time and making everything alright again. 🙂

The entire cast and crew!

Autumn fairy, Gary fairy, Queen Titania, King Oberon & Combat fairy!

Cast and crew who made the play possible! 🙂

Overall, it has been an awesome, awesome experience. Tiring, stressful and not without obstacles along the way. But the end result was very rewarding. From the first moment the musical opened, I felt that all was worth it, and I was right. 🙂 Absolute crazyness. If you weren’t there that night, you just missed out the awesomest musical ever produced in UTAR, one without a full dress rehearsal to boot. LOL.

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