One down

CRM exam is finally over. It’s like, one of my most hated subjects ever. Actually, most of the hatred are generated towards one particular individual. One particular bitch with a fucking fake accent, atrocious spellings and no idea how to teach the subject.

I can take criticisms, especially constructive ones. But what I cannot stomach is when the critic itself is worse than me. Imagine someone who spells grammar as ‘grammer‘ asks you to refine your grammer. Pissed off is an understatement to how I feel. Think I’m exaggerating her stupidity? I have the proof in black and white. MCB. Oh, and I cannot stand people with fake accents. Makes me feel like slapping them. MCB cannot have a convincing accent then don’t fake it la!

Anyway, the paper wasn’t too bad. Manageable, but as always, my mind tends to black out completely during exams, especially since I have had no sleep the whole night. I think I would score too badly for the final exam itself, but to score an A… that would be near impossible seeing that my coursework mark is pathetic and pitiful. Sigh.

And now, I shall sleep.

2 thoughts on “One down

  1. lolz… don’t look down on the subconscious mind, it is more powerful than any of us can comprehend. And don’t look at things so negatively, the power of imagination is great. one of this days, i will preach to you the power of it, but for now, u juz have 2 take my word for it… So look at things and imagine things in a positive light, because everytime u think of things in a negative way, a fairy dies… xP

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