Queen of Procrastination

Oh my… What the hell am I doing here… I’m supposed to be studying! STUDYING!

Cherrie…please please get away from the laptop? I swear, the internet is gonna be my undoing. Sigh.

Mean, variance, critical analysis, variables, survey, research… I hate Communications Research Theory. FML. T_______T

7 thoughts on “Queen of Procrastination

  1. Caroline: Lol! Crazy!

    Jon: Hahaha, yes yes SD, you know exactly how I feel.

    Kritz: Haha, I’m practically addicted to that site please. I visit it like, multiple times a day because I have nothing else better to do. FML.

  2. i hearby declare in the name of His Majesty, the king of Fairyland in Far Far Away But Not Too Far Away, that Cherrie is to have a restriction order from her laptop for over-use of the internet. The safe distance is 10-meter radius from wherever the laptop is currently stationed and nothing less… xD

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