Uh huk uh huk

I gave in. After trying out honey, pei pa gou and all that non-drugs stuff, my cough hasn’t even shown the slightest sign of improvement. So, after my mom repeatedly asked me to see the doctor (actually what she said were more like, you won’t cure if you don’t see doctor wan la… always like that wan…) and much cajoling from the boyfriend, I finally went and see the doctor today.

5 minutes later and RM24 poorer, I got myself a packet of drugs. Good news, after I took the medicine and also a nap, I immediately felt better. For one, when I woke up from my nap, I no longer had the hacking cough that made me sound and look like a pathetic TB patient. Though there is this quite unpleasant feeling of having something lodged in my throat. I’m still having the cough, just that it’s better now.

On the bad side, the medicines make me drowsy. Very very drowsy. Which is why I took a nap in the first place. -_- I hate medicines that make me drowsy! Some people will be super hyper and alert after taking medicines, especially cough mixtures. Me? I’m the opposite. I still remember when I unknowingly popped flu meds that made people drowsy for weeks while I was working back in October, all the while wondering why the hell was I so sleepy all the time. Only when my brother casually mentioned the side effects of the meds one day did I finally realised. -__________-

Anyway, this is just a quick update on the unpleasantness of drugs. I have a 10 page report due on Monday which I haven’t got started on. Ciao ciao!

Next up (hopefully): Accidentally in Love!

4 thoughts on “Uh huk uh huk

  1. sooo… it din work huh? lolz… it works for some but not for others i guess… lolz…

    but glad to hear u are getting better. ^^ Well, Get Well Soon… xD

    Havent even started on a 10 page report? lol! Gambateh then… ^^

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