Long overdue…

Note: This is so late, so very very late.

Imma post up my CNY dinner. No, not chap goh meh dinner, it’s actually the dinner on the 1st day of CNY. And while I’m at it, I might as well post up pictures of food I had during my CNY Penang Trip. If you’re hungry, you’d better steer clear right now. I’m not to be held responsible if you gnaw on your monitor.


Obligatory camwhore shots.

I shall spare you from the other 14237 photos like these.

And we went to this place in Kota Damansara (I think) to have our first dinner of the year! Or so to speak. It is a Cantonese restaurant with really nice deco. Though I couldn’t read the signboard because the Chinese characters are ancient characters. >.>

Interior was nice. And kinda spells expensive. -_-

Our family’s a lil eccentric. I’m sorry. T_T

First dish was some yong tau fu like thingy. Brinjals with either meat or fish paste. Heh, I couldn’t remember. But I do remember it was quite okay though.

Some fancy fancy fish that got its gut dug out and fried and put back in place again. Meh, I prefer ordinary steam fish.

Braised pork? I can’t remember either. T______T But I only know I don’t like pork cooked this way. Too porkish? >.>

Tofu with salted egg. A bit too fishy to everyone’s liking. -_-

And that end’s my first meal of the year. I guess I’ll stick to other styles of cooking. Canto food is just not my cup of tea.

But what I’m going to show you next, is very much my cup of tea indeed. 🙂 I went back to Penang during my CNY break. And ate and ate and ate till I almost couldn’t see my toes anymore when I look down. T______T

Hotel room,  HydroMajesty Hotel.

We went to a place in Gurney Drive ’cause we wanted seafood. And Penang seafood is excellent. 🙂 The restaurant’s name is Bali Hai. Yes, weird choice of name. -__- But they have a lot of fresh live seafood! So who am I to complain right?

Sorry for the picture overload. I’m too lazy to caption each and everyone of them heh. The second last picture of a crab deserves a lil description though. That lil sucker costs over RM300. Which is why we ordered normal crabs. Ha-ha. -_- Normal crabs don’t come cheap too. -____-

And the last picture was of our lobster! Whee! Fresh lobster!

Before I move on to posting more pictures (Yes, there’re more…), lemme tell you a story of the first time I ever had lobster. It was at this restaurant that was famous for its lobster so how could I pass it up right? But when I woke up the next morning, my lips were more swollen than Amber Chia’s. T__________T And that earned me the Donald Duck nickname. Family. Tsk tsk. But luckily, nothing of that sort happened this time around! *touches wood*

On to pictures of the dishes! 😀

Two pieces of oyster because no one likes fresh oysters except for my dad. I only like those in Oh-chien.

Kai Lan with oyster sauce. Very fresh. 😀

Fish again. I like fish. 🙂

Sweet sour crab me thinks. Or was it sour & spicy? -_-

My wallpaper hohoho.

Dry ice hohoho. Sorry I very jakun wan.

Side dishes hohoho.

To make the boyfriend hungry and jealous hohoho.

Abrupt end wtf. Bai bai Penang.

And that concludes the post that has been worked on for a month. Thanks to slowmyx. The only reason I’m able to finish up this post is because I’m back in KL, using Maxis. Slowmyx can go and sak my balls if I have them. Wtf.

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