Dong Dong Chiang

Hello, excuse the hiatus, the lack of internet connection and inspiration in Kampar drained me of my mood to blog. Now that I’m back in KL (though I’ll be gone tomorrow T.T), I shall blog! And make your browser lag because of the amount of photos Imma post. 😀

My family is not very traditional when it comes to CNY traditions, and therefore, our CNY reunion dinner only includes the four of us in the family plus my beloved grandma. 🙂 Fine by me, ’cause I don’t like huge noisy crowds of relatives I barely know.

My outfit for the night. Please excuse the state of both my tables.

We went to this restaurant near the KJ LRT station, I’m sure everyone who’s familiar with that area will know that restaurant. It’s the one with the humongous crab sign on it’s signboard.

Before I post up pictures of the actual dinner, I shall annoy you with camwhore pictures I took in the car, alongside with those of my brother. 🙂

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, let’s move on to dinner. 😀

Brocolli with oyster, abalone & Fatt Choy.

Thai Style Pork.

Some sort of Japanese shellfish.

The customary steam fish.



Grandma & Mom

Clockwise from top left: Bro, Dad, Mom & Grandma

The ladies. 🙂


Grandma 😀

Family Portrait. 😀

Overall, the food’s not bad, though I came down with tummy ache for the next two days. T_T

Next up, first day of CNY! And and, maybe pictures of my coming balik-kampung trip to Penang! Happy Chinese New Year! May you get lots and lots of ang paos this year. And give me some. 🙂

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