Things I miss in KL

As my new semester starts, I have to leave the big city and go back to the small idyllic town where my campus is. Kampar. The place where the weather suffers mood swings. The place where decent food is scarce and precious. The place… Well, you get my drift.

Even though technically I’ll only be here in Kampar for two weeks before I go back to KL for my Chinese New Year break, I still yearn for certain things that Kampar just isn’t able to provide me with.

1. My air-conditioner. Oh how I love my air-conditioner. It’s the one thing that makes me sleep like a baby at night. It’s the one thing that makes me oblivious to the extreme weather outside. When everyone is complaining about the hot weather, I’ll be in my room with my beloved air-conditioner and my laptop. If I do go out, I’ll get into an air-conditioned car and get down at the air-conditioned mall. That is one luxury I’m gonna have to live without in Kampar. Sigh.

2. My beloved shopping malls. Okay, fine, I have a lot of beloved things in KL. One of them is my life line. I cannot live without shopping. If I don’t go to a shopping mall for a prolonged period of time, I get depressed for no apparent reason. Even I can’t explain the reasoning behind it. >.> And when I’m in Kampar, I couldn’t just go out to the mall when I have nothing to do at home. That’s because THERE ARE NO MALLS HERE. Sigh.

3. Food. Not like Kampar doesn’t have any food, but it sure lacks decent ones. The best thing you can get here is probably KFC and Sushi King. And we all know that these two restaurants ain’t exactly top notch when it comes to the taste department. Also, Kampar restaurants love fusion food. As in, mixing let’s say a black pepper pork chop with white rice. That’s like almost the thing I hate most about food in Kampar. Eek.

4. I can’t afford to sleep till 12pm everyday anymore. 😦 When in Kampar, I either had to get up early for classes, or on the days when I don’t have any, the hot weather wouldn’t permit me to sleep past noon because I’d be all sweaty and sticky. Ugh.

5. Dating. Like, where would you go for dates? Tesco? Zzz.

p.s. I so hate cleaning up the new house. Hate hate hate. I hate cleaning. My poor little brittle and weak fingernails! T_T

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