I iz online!

Hello to the civilised world! Have you missed me? Thank goodness Jon’s house already has internet, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to sit here and type nonsense today. (I know that there seems to be postings on my blog pretty regularly, but those are scheduled posts… which explains why I haven’t been replying comments. Heh.)

So, life in Kampar is pretty dull as usual. For those who are unaware, I shifted from the old house where I was previously occupying an oven to some other place which is pretty close to both my uni and Tesco. And in case you didn’t already know, Tesco is like, the only hypermarket in town. -_-

My new place has been great, except for a few hiccups that’re present. For one, the mattresses are too thin for comfort. I would wake up with a terrible backache the next day if I were to sleep on the mattress for the whole night. So now I’ve resolved to stacking both my mattresses together. No backaches now. 😀

The only other problem now is actually the UTAR bus. There are bus services in my new neighbourhood. But get this, the bus only makes 2 trips per day. One at 9am+ and another one at 4pm+. It’s retarded, yeah. I’m hoping and hoping that they would soon increase the number of trips to my place so I wouldn’t have to walk to uni everyday. It’s no fun walking under the hot sun when my classes start around noon. 😦 Thank goodness it only takes me around 15minutes to get to uni if I don’t dawdle. Sigh, I still want a bus. Or a car… >.>

Classes are okay. I just had an interesting class today itself. The lecturer spoke really good English, which is always a plus point for me. I think I’m gonna like Advertising Copywriting. 🙂 My lecturer also mentioned that some good copywriters earn 5 figures salaries… Hohoho…

Speaking of classes, my attendance this week has been less than stellar, to say the least. Ahem. My resolution next week is to attend every single lectures and tutorials! Yes yes, even both my 8am classes. Seriously. I hope. One must do what one has to do if one wants to maintain one’s 3.5 CGPA. *Sigh*

Now I just have to wait for the TM Net guy to finally come and fix the internet at my place and I can get online after I get a router! 😀 Soon. Real soon. Or if all else fails, I’ll come and hog Jon’s computer everyday then. xD

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