I need more time

I’ll be going back to Kampar very, very soon. Somehow, I felt like my holiday went by too soon. I need more time here.

1. I haven’t done my CNY shopping properly (I only have one top, one hoodie and one skirt, that’s a crisis! T_T)

2. I haven’t bought things that are going to be needed really, really soon, as in like, in 3 days

3. I haven’t gotten my phone (heart pain sial)

4. I haven’t wore my new bikinis to the pool and I suddenly feel like going to Sunway Lagoon

5. I’m not done enjoying life as a jobless bum and let my liver recover properly from all the stress

6. I’m not done enjoying my air-conditioned, newly cleaned room

7. I haven’t enjoyed enough of KL food

8. Actually, I really just need another trip to the mall where I can shop undisturbed for like, 6 hours. Sigh.

3 thoughts on “I need more time

  1. Sam: Lol. Your parents’ room has one.

    kritz: Haih, yes. But no one to take me to the mall! $^%^#$#@^&)(^%$ I miss the car. 😦 Now I don’t have any more time. And I haven’t packed… Argh! $%@#@!&%%()%@

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