On the first day of Christmas…

… my love and I went to Pavilion lol.

(Loads of pictures ahead. And since my blog already take ages to load, I shall do this. :D)

After scouting around the mall for food, we went to Wong Kok again for our breakfast since both of us were already hungry and therefore were lazy to walk any further. To be very honest, I never did like Wong Kok much because to me, food there’s mediocre at best. I do crave for the cheese baked rice once in  a blue moon, and that would be when I would volunteerily offer to go to Wong Kok.

Back to what I was saying, we ordered an appetiser to try alongside with our main courses because I thought the appetiser looked kinda nice in the menu.

Some spring roll thingy. Sorry I forgot to snap a picture before we started eating.

It’s basically vegetables and crabstick wrapped with seaweed and some popiah skin. And then drizzled with mango sauce. Honestly, I didn’t like it because mango sauce with spring roll is just too weird for me. Plus, the bloody thing is too huge to fit into my mouth all at once, and when you bite it into half, ALL the things inside will just fall apart. Sheesh. The only thing I liked was the crabstick. -_-

Next up was my Spaghetti in Twin Sauce. Which I didn’t like either. Let’s just say I have pretty high standards when it comes to pasta.

Sam’s seafood baked cheese rice thing. Uh, the left side was the untouched side.

Very typical Wong Kok fare. Looks and tastes better than mine did. But as per normal, it would probably get too cloying half way for me.

Flaming Flamingo & Summer Iceberg.

The Flaming Flamingo tasted super weird. I think it was some kind of flower drink. My Summer Iceberg is basically mango mixed with sour plum. Sam actually thought it was orange juice when he tried it. -_- And after he tried my drink, he took a piece of the spring roll and ate it. And when I commented that the mango sauce tasted funny, he asked me where’s the mango sauce. -________- Me thinks his taste buds aren’t working anymore.

After we bought our movie tickets, we went hunting for ATM machines because the boyfriend very smart didn’t change his ATM pin before. Therefore we had to hunt specifically for Public Bank’s atm. And after walking 122362miles to Sg. Wang only to find that the machine is malfunctioning (how typical), we walked another 878521 miles to somewhere near some highway to the Public Bank which had a grand total of 1 machine which was working. And then we walked all the way back to Times Square. I hate walking.

So by then, I’m hot, tired and grumpy. It sorta comes in a package. Whenever I’m hot and tired, grumpy follows. In an attempt to get back into my good books, the boyfriend brought me to Starbucks.

Their Java Chip sucks. 😦

When I had it in The Curve’s outlet, it was super nice! 😦 Stupid Times Square’s Starbucks gave me what tasted more like Kopi Peng. T________T

After finishing our drinks, we still had plenty of time before our movie starts. And I was still too grumpy to trudge along the mall. So…

…camwhoring it is!

After taking a gazillion pictures which I shall spare you from, we went for our movie. This time around, we watched Bedtime Stories. The stories told will actually come to life, but with a twist. It’s really very nice. 🙂 Angry dwarfs and raining gumballs and all. Heh.

Then came the highlight of the day for me, dinner! I had wanted to try Tony Roma’s but unfortunately, the whole restaurant was full. Wait for 30 minutes just to get into the restaurant? Sigh, if it were any other situation maybe I would’ve waited. TGIF told us the same thing when we went there. -__- And the boyfriend feign fainting at the slightest mention of The Carat Club. *grumble*

So in the end, we went to Italian on Sixth. Oh how I love Italian on Sixth. You will know why later.

Huge selection of wines.

One corner of the restaurant.

The boyfriend.


Balsamic vinegar with olive oil.

This was pretty stupid because when I dipped the bread inside, I could only reach the oil but not the vinegar. -__-

Complimentary garlic… uhm… bread?

My iced chocolate and his hot chocolate with cookies. *jealous*


Scallop wrapped with bacon with asparagus. About $5 for each piece. But boy, was it good! Darn I’m hungry just by looking at it now.

His marinara seafood pizza. Mmmm~ Very good. But the toppings are kinda little.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the reason I love Italian on Sixth.

Aglio Olio with seafood. This isn’t on the menu so you have to request for it. The original dish on the menu was served with cream sauce ala cabonara.

This is like, the best aglio olio I’ve ever had. Italiannies can go die liao. Best best best!

It was so good that I polished it off.

Before we left, the waitress gave us gingerbread men. 🙂 (which I still haven’t eaten… >.>)

Before we left for home, I took a picture of the extremely ugly Christmas tree right outside the main entrance of Pavilion. Honestly, it looked worse during daytime. Actually, it looked like a moss-covered tree. -_-

And that was how I spent my Christmas. It was nothing spectacular, but at least I spent it with a dear one. 🙂 And that makes all the difference in the world.

p.s. Believe it or not, I was the only devil that day. Everyone else had on Santa hats and reindeer horns and what-nots. But not devil horns. Out of fashion already meh? 😦

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