Even I scare myself…

… with the amount of books I managed to accumulate during the three months I’m home.

No, this is not all of them. My mom took a few of them to read as well. So, add about 5 or more to the list and it should be roughly the right number. (I honestly think it’s more like… 10 more?)

No wonder my mom says that my book quota has already reached the maximum this year (and yet I still managed to get about 5 more after the quota has been reached *cough*). There are some gems in that pile, and also some really disappointing ones. I haven’t even finished reading all of them!

This is the first time I ever felt overwhelmed at having too many unread books. I’m not the sort of person that buys a lot of books and lets them sit on the shelf collecting dust. I read every single one of my books. But now I just have too many of them.

The worst part is not even this. It is when I walk into a bookstore, I’d still be wanting so many other books! -_- Gawd.

p.s. Oh yes, the above picture is taken with my new love. In my room with horrible lighting. I shall explore it more and use it to it’s full potential! Soon. I hope.

p.p.s. Oh yes, I’ve also decided to christen my new love Caramel. I just decided it right this moment, so Caramel it is! 🙂

16 thoughts on “Even I scare myself…

  1. Jonz: Aiya faster go buy! We planned to get it before the new year remember? Now you only have 1 more day left… Lol, that pun will only be understood by the both of us.

    ponnie: Hahaha, I have the whole Twilight saga, however, they’re in my “very obsessed about twilight saga” mom’s hands. And so she’s very possessive of them. The last book is The Host, another book by Stephenie Meyer. A little too dull for my taste so I didn’t finished it.

    Apple: Haha, depends on which ones. I’m loaning some off. 🙂

    t Z: It just doesn’t appeal to me. 😦 I hate straining my eyes reading The Wall Of Text on a computer screen.

    o.o: Not saga lah moo moo, it’s only a book on it’s own. Not that nice. Don’t bother lol.

  2. u mean there’s 5 books to twilight???! i thought there’s only 4. so 5 is the last last piece? 😛

    man i wish i could get it from u too.. lol.. books are expensive Y.Y

  3. SH: There should be four… O.o Last one’s breaking dawn if I’m not mistaken. Books here are overpriced too. T_____T

    p.s. Eh moo moo, sorry I’m damn blur, the bottom 3 is another ‘vampyre’ story, my mom got them. >.> I think they’re not too bad.

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