Last day at work

My last day at work was on Christmas eve. And after that day, I doubt I’ll be seeing my other colleages anytime soon (except for Jon). 😦 It’s okay though, ’cause I’d have a bunch of pictures to remember them by. 😀

*caution, 30+ photos ahead*

My work station.

Hehe, facebook. The little bar on top is the calls indicator. Oh yeah, for those who are unaware, I worked in a call-center for a bank. 😉

Indian Santa… >.>

It’s not only me who facebooks! *Note the coffee cup on the left*

Paran & Mugi. These two are major jokers lol.

Felix. He’s super nice & cool. 🙂

The dudes.

Our team! The rest weren’t at work that day. 😦 Our entire team is actually much bigger than this.

Jon & I.

You saw this coming didn’t you?

Just one more… 😛

Buck & I.

20 cents coffee!!!

Jon & his other half.

See see, 20 cents!

70 cents can drink. Sigh I love this as well…

And guess where we went for dinner? Hehe, the cafe downstairs was apparently open for only half a day on Christmas eve, so we decided to go to Amcorp mall, which is a lrt station away from our office. 😀

Jon’s hawaiian burger something something. They put a whole pineapple slice in the burger. Eww much?

Mine. I’m starting to think that everything in A&W sucks, save for the root beer float.

And after the glutton tapao-ed another coney dog because he just felt like it, we went over to Amcorp Mall to look see look see despite the fact that our break’s over. And that’s where I got my devil’s horn and attracted too much unwanted attention as the Santa & the Satan prowl around Amcorp Mall.

We got back to the office after taking a 1 hour 30 minutes break and resumed camwhoring with all random things.

Thank you Mr. Self Timer.

Locker which we never used. 😦

View from the pantry. See PJ Hilton? 🙂

And so that concludes my last day at work, though I won’t miss the job, I’ll definitely miss the team. 🙂 LST! *private joke*

3 thoughts on “Last day at work

  1. Haha, I once saw a girl press like half a dozen and put in a plastic bag and went home lol.

    I was the only girl that day laaaaaaa… The rest were either at the other branch or not working that day. 😦

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