Merry Christmas!!! (well, almost)

First of all, I’d like to wish every single one of you Merry Christmas in advance! Christmas is actually one of my favourite days in the year. 🙂 And so, a new look for my blog on this joyous occasion! (Why do I get the feeling that I sound like a greeting card?) Eventhough there will be no counting down to Christmas for me this year (boohoo!), I’ll try to be happy since I would be spending Christmas day itself with people I care about.

Oh, and do check out a spanking new blog that I’ve set up for Sam! Now he has his very own blog so it wouldn’t seem as if we’re sharing mine. 😀 He’d still drop in once in awhile on mine though! (Or so he says…) And I’d definitely go stir up the leaves on his. 😀 Check it out check it out check it out!

Today is also my last day at work. So I guess I should be happy about it too. Ah well, if things go my way, I’ll take lots of nonsensical pictures of my workplace today and show ’em to you guys. That is, IF things go my way la. So you better start praying for me right this minute aite!

Things I will NOT miss at work:
1. Commuting daily on the LRT, a.k.a. sardine can. I freaking hate rushing to work during peak hours and being squished by god knows how many sweaty smelly ugly old men. Ugh.

2. Waking up at the ungodly hour of 6.30am in the morning and have my daily internal debate as to skip work or not wtf.

3. Pretend to be emphatic while the customer on the other line is obviously an asshole.

4. Comtemplating which meal would taste less awful at the cafeteria wtf.

5. Annoying colleages wtf.

6. Yawning and trying to keep my eyes open the entire day and then collapsing and falling into a coma once I reached home wtf.

Things I WILL miss:
1. RM1500 per month wtf.

2. Free lunches if I work on public holidays. 😀 Whoever said that there are no free lunch in the world?

3. 20 cents coffee wtf. Jon I know you will miss this too.

Eh, that’s about it. I guess it’s lucky that I’m not working long term then! 😀

p.s. OMG, I just realised that the links above are in pink! *starts hyperventilating*

p.p.s. Did I mention I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas? 😀 *hugs all round*

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