The Death of Me

I can never be a pet shop owner. I would end up being some weird old lady with like, a hundred dogs because I could never bear to part with them cute cuddly creatures. Just last night I went to a pet shop and fell in love with an English Bulldog puppy. So wrinkly, and the way it sits and turns back to look at me with those eyes… *melts* It was the only one in the pet shop that didn’t have a price tag on it. So after fawning over it for almost half an hour, I asked the owner what breed it was and how much it costs.

Guess what? Freaking RM3800. That’s like, more than what I earned for this two months! After slaving away and getting scolded for nothing everyday, I can’t even afford a dog! All the other dogs don’t even reach RM2000! What is this! And apparently, the breed is pretty rare, thus the hefty price tag. Sigh.

Today I went back to the same pet shop again, and it’s not there anymore!!! T______________T How could that be! People really that rich nowadays ar? Sob. Sigh. Sob.

On a different note, I got back my medical report today. Everything is fine and dandy, except for my liver. I forgot what problem it was, but it’s apparently caused by either alcohol, stress or late nights. So I’m putting the bet on stress since I don’t drink much and I hardly survives past midnight nowadays. In other words, I need to quit this stupid job of mine and just chill. Thank goodness I only have 3 working days left. Ugh. I can’t wait.

Hmm, I really wonder how I’m gonna settle down and find a proper long term job next time. Two months and I’m already suffering so much, imagine having to do the same thing for years! Gah! *runs off and hide in a corner*

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