What I’ve been looking for

All this time, I never realised it was you. Now I know. And I’ll treasure what we have till the end of time.:)

10 reasons for loving you

Because you are the only one thus far who manage to withstand my unreasonable temper tantrums and mood swings. And not blaming me for it.

Because whatever you do, you’re always thinking about my feelings and putting me as a priority.

Because you are the only one who calls me a princess for behaving like a brat, instead of saying I’m spoilt.

Because no matter how many times I push you away, you would always come back to my side and wouldn’t let go.

Because you can always sense when I’m upset or moody, even when I’m not with you. And you would try your best to cheer me up.

Because you never let me go to bed angry.

Because you would always be the first one to apologise whenever we fight, even though I was the one at fault.

Because you could and would give up so many other things in your life, just to be by my side.

Because you never speak about your sacrifices for me, and instead remind me constantly about the things I’ve done for you in the past whenever I think that I’m not good enough.

Because you are the only one who would withstand my physical abuse with a smile on your face.

And because of all this, here we are today.

Happy 6 months baby dear.

Try as I might, words simply can’t describe how much I love you. 🙂

6 thoughts on “What I’ve been looking for

  1. I wanted to blog bout our 6 months anni too but thanks to my stupid comp and noob cc line cant load wordpress.com i cant login and blog.
    Nvm tho at least I can read this post and go to sleep soon in few mins =D
    I love u too mwah

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