How I spent my Saturday

After waking up at 7.30am 7.45am, I rushed to work till 1pm. And then went to Timesquare to have lunch and caught a movie.

Basically, I spent the whole afternoon in Timesquare and went to Alex & Max’s birthday party later in the evening. Food was good, booze was good, and it was a sausage fest with a grand total of 4 girls. No luck for me though, because the guys there weren’t… ahem, my cup of tea? Party’s fun though, seriously loved the food even though I couldn’t eat much. 😦

Anyway, the highlight of the night would be when stupid Jon poured his bacardi on me when I was sitting on the swing. And then I smelt like a freaking liquor bottle the rest of the night. And I got a ride home from one of Alex’s friend, Thompson, who has this japanese-y car called maruno or something. I really don’t quite care about cars. But his is kinda cool. 🙂

And when I woke up this morning, the sides of my butt hurts. Stupid swing.

p.s. Oh, the movie I caught was The day the earth stood still. Don’t bother watching. Yawn. Did I mention I almost lost my phone in the cinema? Damn, the kind souls who found it gave it back to me. -_-

Happy Birthday Malex! 😀

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