Remember I said I wanted a white Christmas? Well, by the looks of it, I probably won’t get one this year. So I guess I’ll settle for the next best thing, a white Christmas for my blog. And this snow will probably last till my birthday next year. 🙂

Baby steps, one at a time. I wanna be a more optimistic person. Now I just need to go on a shopping SPREE. Not simple shopping, but a spree where I can spend truck loads to get truck loads of stuff.Then I’ll be even more optimistic.

Hmm, I honestly think 4 pairs of shoes in 3 months isn’t too much. In fact, I want so much more! A dress, or two… Some tops, skirts and maybe a pair of new jeans. A new bag… nevermind that I’ve already gotten 2 eversince I’m back from Kampar. Come to think of it, I’ve already gotten a couple of tops and shorts… Oh well, a girl can never have enough clothes. And you can quote me on that. 😀

And no, this isn’t going to be CNY shopping. I haven’t even started shopping for Christmas lor please.

11 thoughts on “Snow

  1. OMG…still not enough clothes meh???btw i’ll be switching to tropicana mall soon d…so if u wanna get anything frm 1u..plz inform me earlier (as in 1 or 2days) so that i can inform my collegue lor =)

  2. OHHHH!!! On the way to SS2 right? Erm, near the underground tunnel thingy?

    Eh, btw, why has my comment box evolve into a discussion for tropicana mall? -.-

    Apple: Hehehehe, a girl can never have enough clothes remember? 😛

  3. on the left hand side after you pass through the tunnel towards ss2 loh .. lol
    we need more shopping mall there.. at least got somewhere to go .. Atria is too small and 1u is too crowed ..

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