I went to The Curve today. Their Christmas deco beats One Utama’s hands down. They even had a revolving Christmas tree while One Utama had a half-arsed mini maze.

I went to The Curve near Christmas last year. They had fake foam-snow thingy last year. I remember marveling at the prettiness of it, even though the foam smelt horrible. I didn’t mind.I remember wishing for a camera for Christmas. I never got one.

I went to The Curve on Christmas last last year. That year, the deco was blue. Everything was decked in metallic, glittery blue. I rushed there after work to count down to Christmas with all my friends. We took a lot of pictures, some of which I still treasure to this very day.

The days passes me by so quickly now. Seems like just yesterday, I was still that innocent young girl who loved the fireworks they shoot up into the skies. So pretty. All the shopping malls nearby would compete with each other to see whose fireworks would attract the bigger crowd.

I looked up the night sky, illuminated by the bursts of lights caused by the fireworks. My neck ached, my shoulder hurt from craning my head up too long. I didn’t mind. That moment was magical to me.

I have always loved Christmas. I still love the fireworks. I still have never gotten the camera I have always wanted. But some things won’t ever be the same again. Sometimes, I wish I was still that 17 year old girl.

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