I snapped

You know, in the whole month of working, I’ve never gotten truly pissed off. Aggitated, yes. Annoyed, yes. Frustrated, yes. So motherfucking angry that if that person was right in front of me I would rip his head off, no. But today, yes.

I met an asshole that greeted me on the phone with not the standard hello or hi. But instead, that fucktard started off the conversation by saying “What a lousy bank you are!” Aside from the atrocious English, that fucktard in question, who is a 49 year old menopausal, balding, stinking Indian man, had the motherfucking guts to call me a liar when he himself exaggerated everything.

I was so fucking pissed that I just snapped at him. I don’t really care about cursing people I hardly know, but this fucktard crossed the line. I hate people who accuse me of things I did not do. And for that, and for yelling at me, I wish that he would have a heart attack, and not die, and be scalded by hot boiling oil, and not die, and be banged by a car, and not die, and choked till he turn blue whenever he ate or drank, and not die, and get cancer which in turn will cause all his limbs to be amputated, and not die. And at the end of the day, he would wish that he could just DIE. And I wish for all the afore mentioned to happen within a week.

There, next time before you piss me off, just try and remember how evil and twisted I can get.


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