What a terrible day to start the day

I was woken up by the sound of sms-es being sent to my phone. First one, I ignored because my eyes though closed, still managed to tell me that there ain’t no sunlight yet, meaning it’s not yet time for me to wake up. The second one I couldn’t ignore ’cause my sleep has already been disturbed so I thought, “Heck, just read it and go back to sleep,”. And then the content of the sms was a summary of what happened in the post below.

I ended up tossing and turning till 7 something before he finally called me. Ugh, I am so angry at the bastards who stole my baby’s things and so worried about him. What a horrible day. And FYI, that is like, the most ridiculous way of stealing things. When I was told that a pole was used to fish out the stuff, my mind went into WTF mode.

I’m actually more agonised that he lost his phone and psp ’cause they’re more valuable. Luckily there weren’t much money in his wallet. So aside from the identity card and ATM cards, there weren’t much valuables inside. Sigh, it’s like, seriously the worst day ever.

Sorry I couldn’t do anything to make things better baby dear. 😦

p.s. Any comments please leave in the post below. Imma close the comments for this one.