Hai, how iz you?

Yesterday was the first time Sam ever blogged. Though some of you did manage to spot mistakes and all, I’m hurt to see only 1 person managed to guess that the post wasn’t blogged by me. 😦 What if an impostor hacked into my blog and posed as me huh? 😦 And hor, the post was published when I was still at work slaving away. T_T

Anyway, here’s the Italiannies picture that I don’t know why he couldn’t post up yesterday.

Clockwise from top left: Classic Cabonara, Lasagna, some shell pasta with apple & Shrimp Linguine.

Taste wise, not too bad, but unless you have a small appetite like me, chances are there won’t be enough for two.

(I did went to Italiannies again with my mom a few days later, and ordered some other pasta that were yum yum as well. But it wasn’t filling lol.)

We had drinks at Starbucks too. Mine was chocolate cream and his was dark cherry mocha frappucino. I had originally wanted chocolate cream chip but he ordered chocolate cream instead. -.-

And we watched Madagascar 2, which is quite funny and I understood everything because unlike someone, I did watch the first Madagascar. 😀

Below are some other random pictures from our previous dates which I’m too lazy to blog about.

Emperor’s pancake from Paddington, again. With caramelised apples and raisins.

Served with maple syrup. Personally, I still prefer the dollar pancakes we had last time.

The first time I ever took a bus in KL. School buses don’t count kay? I don’t like buses. =.=

p.s. I love weekends. 😀 When I don’t have to work, that is.

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