The bear with the most adorable blush. Ever.

Something on my wish list because I am random like that.

1. A Forever Friends Bear.
Why? Because it is uber soft, uber cuddly and probably the cutest damn bear in the whole wide world. I have been lusting after one for the longest time, the only thing deterring me from getting my hands on one is the exorbitant price tag. A 4-inch tall bear sets me back about RM100++. *faints*

Set me loose in a store with cute cuddly soft toys and you’ll have me squealing like a little girl and refuse to leave. *happy sigh*

Just the other day, I almost refused to leave Parkson when I was surrounded by a ton of cute cuddly lovable soft toys. My favourite is still the Forever Friends Bear. I actually squealed with delight when I saw it on the shelf. I think I need to grow up. *cough*

My current desktop background.

What’s on your wish list? 🙂

9 thoughts on “The bear with the most adorable blush. Ever.

  1. I wasn’t asking him to buy!!! -____- He knows about the exorbitant price tag. >.> And I’m very angelic okay? Where go evil.
    And I’d know who to find now if Sam gives me an old looking bear. -_____________-

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