A few months back

My trip to Kellie’s Castle with then boyfriend and a bunch of other friends. Yes, a few months back. I mentioned it here. It’d be great for you to notice that I haven’t posted up Penang’s pics either. Gawd, I am so lazy. Okay, so this happened like, half a year ago, I’m just gonna do a picture post with minimal words. Hehehehe.

That day was hot though. HOT! Which explains the sweaty pictures. Hee.

Group pic at the entrance. I lazy to list out the names. Hehe. Sorry. Plus, if you don’t know them personally, I doubt you’ll remember their names. So nevermind lah, hor?

Brighter and further. Oh yes, in case you haven’t noticed, we’re lined up in ascending order. Height wise, that is. T_T

I like my legs here. For some reasons … wait, you guys know which one is me don’t you? Just a random thought. >.>

I didn’t pose for this. I was caught unaware. Sigh, so ugly.

I am very tempted to photoshop away the bump made by my wallet and keys …

Remind me to trim my fringe regularly? I look like crap with an overgrown fringe.

Me again.

Girls. 🙂

Minus the photographer.

Stairs shot.

I love the colours. Hmm, I’ve only just realised that all the girls were wearing shorts except for me … …

All in all, it was a fun trip, albeit too hot for my liking. Too bad I’ll never have the same experience again. Oh well. There are more pictures, but I’m lazy. These are the ones with me in them, looking remotely presentable. So yeah. 🙂

By the way, if I’m really hard working, I just might do a similar post on Penang. 😀 Keep your fingers crossed, will ya?

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