tired mind, random thoughts

i didn’t go to work today. got home after midnight from a late karaoke session and decided that i would skip work today since well, it’s not like we’d be doing anything productive at work anyway. granted, when my alarm rang at 7.20am, i didn’t feel exhausted till the point of unable to get up and get ready for work. but i managed to persuade myself to fuck it and sleep. so here i am, at 3.40pm in the afternoon, feeling sleepy wtf.

i’m feeling perpetually tired ever since i started working, and i fear that i’m already losing whatever little motivation i had when i first started work. i can never have enough determination to stick to one thing for extended periods of time, and that frustrates me. a lot.

on another note, it will soon be five months since we’ve started out. and though we might not be able to celebrate it together this time, i’m still looking forward to this little milestone in our relationship. i’ve always been the sort of girls who loves keeping count of monthly anniversaries and what-not. silly, but that’s the way i roll. and i’m mighty glad to have finally found a person who never fails to remember our anniversaries. a small thing to do, but it makes me happy.

now, if only i could eliminate all the little silly insecurities i’ve always had in every single relationships that i’ve been in, things would be even better. though, to his credit, the amount of insecurities i have in this relationship is always on the low side compared to other relationships i’ve had in the past. and that’s all the more reason to love him more. 🙂

i should probably quit rambling so much. must be withdrawal symptoms from not seeing him for so long. sigh. *smacks self*

p.s. please excuse the lack of proper capitalisation of alphabets in my recent posts. will be less of a lazy bum soon. i hope. till then, it’d be great if you could just pretend that all my “I”s are properly capitalised. 🙂

6 thoughts on “tired mind, random thoughts

  1. tired den rest.after rest feel more energetic den can work wan la.=D
    “the amount of insecurities i have in this relationship is always on the low side” make it to zero ^^

  2. not that ur blog is goin to be marked by ms suzanne o wat la.so its fine with ur capitalization la miss.and yes you must always think of the brightside in a relationship that you are having now.that is how me and him are able to stay strong still.besides that,believing in each other do play the part as well ^.^

  3. Sam: Lol. Zero? You make lah lol.

    Apple: Hahaha, I can’t help it. I like proper spellings and all that lol. xD Haha, I am always trying to look on the bright side 🙂 And he is quite a competent bf lah, can make me happy. 🙂 But can’t praise him too much. He’s already super confident of himself. =.=

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