now i know why working people seldom update their blogs

sorry for the little disappearance act. true enough, one week of working is enough to send me straight to the doctor’s office. i’m now officially on medication for flu, sore throat and headache. before i went to the doctor, i took some pills for my flu. what i didn’t know was, the pills would make me very sleepy. my brother just informed me today when i complained that the flu meds wasn’t working. ish. and there i was, cluelessly popping them for two days straight with an empty stomach before i went to work. no wonder i was bloody falling asleep at work.

and let’s see, oh my job. i’m a service banker. chun-ted title right? actually i’m just one of those customer service people you call up at the bank to yell at. and i’ve to learn how to toggle the bloody system and find the necessary information for the customers and hit my daily target. fantastic. it’s really harder than you’d think. compared to this, my previous sales job was easy-peasy. but the pay’s much better than doing retails, so i guess i’ll stick to this. 🙂 me likes money. shopping shopping shopping. wahahaha. wait till i get my pay, and all hell will break lose. that is, if i manage to survive for 2 months. sigh, 1 week and i’ve already fallen sick, what the hell is wrong with my immune system anyway?

i have a lot of things i wanna spend on currently. because i’ve always been a spendtrift. and i do realise it’s a horrible bad habit. i just can’t seem to shake it. sigh. just like most of my other bad habits. sorry, i went oot. i tend to do that when my brain is going haywire. back to the things i wanna spend on: massage, phone, manicure, pedicure and new clothes and shoes? because a girl can never have enough clothes and shoes. i have like a few more new shirts that i haven’t worn but i moan about the lack of clothes. how typical of me. why am i such a spendthrift! 😦

my job is killing me. i haven’t been online the past week. and my bedtime is around 10-11pm max. anytime after that, i’ll KO straight. and that explains my neglected emails, facebook and blog. yay me. and i have to work on every alternate saturdays. thankfully, tomorrow is not my working day. soon i’ll be working on shifts and i might even have to work on sundays. whoopee. i can’t wait. -_-

and if you haven’t noticed by now, this post doesn’t really makes sense because i just had my medicines and this wonderful headache medicine that cured a pounding, skull-splitting headache that had been bothering me for two days straight. i love T.voltaren. 😀 imma ask for this at the pharmacy next time i have a headache. panadol smasnadol.

p.s. whaddaya know, i’m too lazy to edit the previous post. and i can’t take the amount of mistakes in that post. argh. and i’m guessing this post will have loads of mistakes as well. yay me.

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