things running through my mind

– i’m very tired. had to work on a saturday. but i just had to type this out because otherwise, i wouldn’t be able to sleep. you see, i have this weird and annoying thing that is going on in my brain where if it doesn’t stop thinking nonsense, i wouldn’t be able to sleep. and that means that i have to keep it blank so that i can sleep. therefore, i had to blog to get some stuff off my mind.

– my poor feet are now covered in so many damn blisters that i lost count of em. just today, two or three new ones popped up. great. i think i need a good long spa and foot massage. asap.

– there is this girl in my new workplace that annoys the shit outta me. i felt like stabbing her whenever she opens her mouth. well, actually just the sight of her is enough to turn me off.

– i’ve been working 9-5 these past 2 and a half days. and every day when i reached home, i wanted to just fall asleep and never wake up again. it has gotten so bad that i fell asleep at 9.30pm on halloween night. yay. -_-

– this new job that i have gives us medical allowance of rm40 per month. and i have a feeling if this sore throat doesn’t heal soon and manifests into a terrible gut wrenching cough, i will have to utilise that allowance soon. -__-

– every other nicknames on my msn list is complaining about the hot weather. and i hadn’t even realised that until the day i started work. all these while i’ve been holed up in my air-conditioned room during daytime and by nightfall i’ll usually be in an air-conditioned shopping mall. -___-

– i think i have taken more lrts these past year compared to all those years i spent growing up. i think it’s safe to say that for the first 17 years of my life, i took the lrt for less than 5 times. and just the other day i took my very first bus in kl. whoa. me no likey buses.

– i just bought about 7 books in popular. total bill came up to only rm200+. and the best part is i managed to get my hands on several books that have been on my wish list for the looooongest time. but i missed a couple others. T_T within few hours of getting my hands on those book, i’m already half way through the first one. if i wasn’t so damn spent i would’ve finished it before i went to bed.

– i’m so sleepy that i’m actually typing while squinting my eyes. hopefully they’ll get tricked into thinking that they’re being rested. >.>

– you know what, i kept thinking that there’re more that i wanted to blog about, but my brain is not working so well so i couldn’t recall anything else besides the fact that i want to sleep.

– and i think i’m gonna do that now.

– you know what too? i’m guessing that once i post this and turn off the laptop, that something that slipped my mind would pop up and my brain would be racing again and i wouldn’t be able to fall asleep despite being bone-tired.

p.s. hope you liked the surprise visit baby. 😀 it was nice seeing you.

p.p.s. i do realise that this entry has a lot of wrong word usage, grammar mistake and all that shit, but as i said, i’m very tired and my brain doesn’t wanna work. so i guess i’ll edit it when i’m in better form, or not.

17 thoughts on “things running through my mind

  1. go change a shoe bah. uncomfortable shoes are not only will hurt your legs, but oso will cause sickness. like migraine and body pain.

    ps. always bring the pepper spray when u’re out there.

  2. Grumpy: I think imma start wearing sport shoes to work starting tomorrow. lol. and i lost the spray…i forgot where i put it. -_____-

    t Z: @.@ are you laughing at my misfortunes you meanie?

    Apple: Lol. but i have to claim it back from my company after i see the doctor… mafan lol.

  3. ponnie ponnie,it is not money minded k.u r entitle for it of cuz u hav to utilize it!cherrie,big company is like dat wan la.they nid prove then only will let u claim o else they wont bother at all.

  4. come! anyone wan sport shoes come buy from me! 40% staff price discount. Apple no include. (need to save her money!)

    p.s. dun sue me for advertising here. i’m just being friendly here… LOL

  5. yer.whr got fair like dat.u pay for me wat.LOL.and the 40% is for new balance shoe only la ponnie.and as for puma shoe,digi cust can get 15% discount in selected outlet.log in to digi website and search under ‘mobile voucher’ to get further details.:)

  6. Sam: You also surprised me what. 😀

    ponnie: thrifty ma apple. good thing. 🙂

    Apple: Lol, I went and see the doctor, bill is higher than the amount I can claim. Lol. If I’m not lazy than I’ll claim it I guess. 😛

    Grumpy: new balance shoes only? nice ar? I’m aiming for nike or adidas. nice and girly ones. 😀 got discount?

    t Z: I guess it’s more interesting than staying at home all day. But it’s hard. T_T

  7. Nike and adidias no have (cuz its a new shop). new balance all look very sporty wan. no girly wan. wadever it is u nd to wear it for comfort, no fancy fancy. plus, sports shoes are not advice to be wash, only wipe. so if buy girly wan dirty liao u heart pain also no point.

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