(not so) casual observation

1. My ever expanding waistline is making me look even more like a fat fuck than before. And I’m too fucking lazy to get my ass up to exercise.

2. My complexion is horribly horrible. And it is getting worse as days go by. I am now in desperate need of some miracle working cream or serum thingy. I hate my skin.

3. I seem to have lost my ability to scream. A shrill, girly, blood curdling scream. And my voice is so tiny that people can hardly hear me in loud settings. And I CANNOT get any louder! Wtf. What if I got attacked some day? I won’t even be able to scream for help.

4. It is days like today that I feel like an inadequate blob of some … thing.

3 thoughts on “(not so) casual observation

  1. u r not fat.how many times i have to say -.-
    skin also good wat.lol now i got sell 1 skin care they say very good wan.dono real not.can give instant radiance samor.skin can glowwww wan

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