One year old

That’s how old this website is. After 170+ posts, 1000+ comments and 20k+ visitors, my humble little wordpress blog has finally reached 1 year old. It is pretty hard to believe that I managed to stick to one thing for such a long time.

Don’t get me wrong, I like blogging. In fact, it is one of my less useless hobbies. But I tend to get bored of things easily, thus seeing the migration of blogs from friendster, to blogspot and finally here. I would’ve gotten my own domain, but I know shit about web hosts and stuff, thus hindering the big move.

Come to think of it, I started blogging back in February 2006. That was more than 2 years ago. Back then, I wasn’t an active blogger, it was more like I’d come and blow the dust of my blog once a month. Then somehow, my posts count gradually increased over time and now it has come to the point where I’ve become quite active in the blogosphere.

I’d like to think that I’ve grown through the years and matured in terms of my writing as well as my thinking.

Anyhow, I think I’ve just sidetracked again from the main purpose of this post.

Happy birthday

How long have you been reading my ramblings online? 🙂

17 thoughts on “One year old

  1. -sqiang-: Haha, you’re like one of my oldest readers. Not in terms of age la of course. -__- I remember you since my friendster days! 😀

    kritz: I think so too! Thanks! 😀

    t Z: I don’t know how. .___. Care to teach?

    Sam: Lol, less than a year. Haha. Thanks for the wish. 😀

  2. if you don’t wish to move this blog then just get a domain is sufficient loh .
    the webhost you have to install wordpress yourself from and install all the plugins yourself. but you have full control of all your stuffs. not that complicated though

    yea u need something that can let you pay thru online.
    if you wanna go to shop and ask ppl do. they will charge you.. ALOT more . since your bf got m2u.. use his one then =p

  3. Would you be so kind as to teach me how to host and all that? *bigweteyes* Something like your blog? How much does it costs anyway?

    Hahahaha I wish I could. 😛 I might be able to apply for the online thingy since I have a maybank acc.

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