Sushi Zanmai & movie marathon

Went to Sushi Zanmai the other day after wanting to try it for quite sometime. And I must say the sushi there is much better compared to the likes of Sushi King, Sakae Sushi or Genki Sushi. The sizes of the sushi were a bit on the small side though.

We ordered quite a lot but I didn’t take pictures of some ’cause they were nothing special. 🙂

We sat right next to the kitchen. One of the chef in the picture was making omelette the whole time we were there. -_-

Baby octopus. Portion very small. Not worth the 6 bucks I paid. ._.

California roll. I heart this one! And there were actually 6 pieces before we started eating. Heh.

L-R: Raw salmon with ikura, Ikura, Caviar roe, Shrimp roe. My favourite is the first one on the left. 😛

My unagi rice! Sigh I love fish.

The bill came up to almost 80bucks. *heartpain*

Then we went and watched Disaster Movie. Stupid movie, but funny. Guess that was what the director had in mind when he made that movie. So yeah, goal achieved. If you’re looking for an hour plus of mindless laughter, go for it.

Next was dessert at KTZ.

My mango one tao long? Basically ice-blended mango with banana jelly at the bottom. Not my cup of tea. But not too bad.

His mango something something. Lol. Ice blended mango with pieces of mango fruits and pomelo pulp? And some jelly too if I’m not mistaken. His was nicer but mine was bigger. Lol.

After that we went and watched the House Bunny. I liked it. But I’m biased ’cause I like chick flicks. Very cute and fluffy story. And you get to see Hugh Hefner a.k.a. the playboy mansion owner. *coughlaotikocough*

Anna Faris from the Scary Movie. She is actually quite cute. The quintessential dumb blonde. 🙂
And then we went and watched Butterfly Lovers. Yes three movies in a day. The ticket counter fella could recognise us by the time we went and bought tickets for the third time. T________T

“You again ar?!”


And Butterfly Lovers was kinda boring. But you get to see leng zai lah, so maybe if you’re crazy about Wu Zun from Fahrenheit then you might wanna catch this movie.

Oh, then we had dinner at A&W’s. I don’t think I’m gonna eat there again anytime soon. I don’t know what happened but their hotdogs were tougher than nails zzz. Not naish.

Sigh you know what? I always have trouble ending my posts properly. So there, end.

p.s. I miss that california roll. And the unagi rice. 😦 😦

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