Warning: The following post contains picture of me in a swimsuit. Proceed with caution. Oh, it also contains pictures that are extremely graphic in nature (read:ugly), therefore, viewers discretion is advised.

Yesterday night, I suddenly got out my old album and the family’s decade-old scanner to scan in some of my childhood pictures into the computer. Therefore, you guys are in for a treat (or not)! Imma show pictures of me evolving from a very ugly baby to a cute kid and then to an ugly teen again. Ha ha.

1989. My expression is so cheeky! xD

I am fully aware of the fact that I look like a boy thank you very much. I’ve always had very little hair when I was a baby. T_T But hey! I could talk when I was only 6 months old and a couple of months later I had started walking! Bet you’re impressed. 😀 *coughperasancough*


And sadly, I still look like a little boy. T______T


Two year-old birthday party at my kindergarten. My dress is so cute! And yes, despite the appearance of a boy, I’ve always been a very girly girl. And apparently I’m a born camwhore. How else could you explain such a poser pose when I was merely two?

Somewhere between 1993-1994?

I am guessing I was around 4 or 5? Since my brother looks like he’s about 1. See, extremely camera sensitive unlike my brother. I started looking more like a girl ever since I started having long hair! ❤

I had this weird obsession with long hair. So I’d always wanted to have looooong hair ever since I was a kid. My hair was permed, hence the curliness. And yes, I asked for the perm. Vain until I don’t know what to say. -_- And I remember the plane! It was mine! And it was very fun to play with. T_T


HAHAHA me in a swimsuit! Gotcha! This was taken in Penang. Batu Feringghi beach if I’m not mistaken. Me thinks that was my first ever swimsuit. *bigweteyes*

In the hotel room afterwards. Excuse the patch of powder on my right cheek. And that rather unfortunate haircut of my brother. Coconut HAHAHA. Ahem.

Another picture in the hotel room because my outfit is cute! So sailor girl like. Why don’t I have that kinda outfit anymore wtf. T_T


And here comes my prettiest year. 1997. T_T That’s my grandma in the picture! 😀 This was taken at the airport.

And apparently we went to Genting Highlands the day before wtf. See the poser? >.> Told you it was in my blood.

1997 again ’cause I look nice wtf.

At some prize giving ceremony back in my old primary school. I got dunno first or second in my entire form.

Then we went to some temple in Penang. I forgot what for.

1997! Last one!

One of my favourite favourite picture because I look very sweet! In my opinion lah. -__- This was taken in One Utama lol. And our happy meals too. -_- And I like that outfit a lot too.


This was before my hair got chopped off mercilessly and I went back to looking like a boy. Genting Trip by the way.

The elephant ride! Why do I look so ‘hiao’? >.>

Hohoho. This picture is here just because I wanna tell you guys that I’m a roller coaster kinda girl. I would go and go and go until I got bored of the ride. Lol. That was the nine year old me, if you’re wondering.


I hated this hairstyle. Still hate it. Thus the small picture. This was taken in front of Sunway Hotel.

And then they went and chop it off some more. I cried like there’s no tomorrow. T__T So there, I look like a boy once more.


In secondary school already. Celebrating my dad’s birthday. Yay for long hair once more! I refused to let them touch my hair once I reached secondary school. >.>

Some ‘gua’ in Ipoh. Around same time frame as the above picture? I’m not so sure. I was 12/13. Maybe 14. -_-


This was taken at the Tian Hou Temple in KL. My friends and I performed in some dance for some event. I do have the picture of me in full costume but I thought I’d rather spare you guys the horror. It was NOT pretty. Definitely not for the faint hearted.

2003. Fourteenth birthday. Belated though.

Sorry bout the black patch. Exposure problem me thinks.

2002/2003. Nah, taekwondo club picture. Spot me?

I never did get to black belt though. Quit when I reached blue. Didn’t wanna suffer no more. Lol.

End of 2003. F***ing fat period. But see how long my hair was? Lol.


This was taken during one of our school trip to an orphanage. Sad to say, that remains the only time I’ve ever been to an orphanage.

Around 2005. But if you read my blog from a long time ago you’ve probably seen this before.

Right after my prom in 2005.

Christmas 2006. In the Curve.


Public speaking presentation. This was taken outside the door by one of my friends.

2007 gathering back at school. Still very fat. Still very ugly.

2007. One of those random shopping trips.

Early 2008.

At Ming-Y’s 21st birthday party. Still fat. Sigh.

April 2008.

Apple’s birthday this time around. I cannot believe why my pose is so retarded. Unhealthy influence I think. *coughbesidemecough*


One of my most recent photos.

If you noticed, I got lazier and lazier as the post progresses. And then my sentences got shorter and lamer and lamer and shorter.

And I still think 1997 is my favourite year. Can I go back to being that cute kid and never ever ever grow up again?

10 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. okies…among all ur pics la..i seriously love the 1st one…make me wanna cubit ur face if u r here now…reminds me of my youngest sis when she was a baby..the second one also cute cuz u have a big eyes..and i realize ur face changes as u grow older 🙂

  2. Apple: Every time I look at the first picture I’ll laugh at my expression. Lol, if I still look like my first picture I think I’ll be very sad. >.>

    Sam: Thanks. I still think I looked like a boy zzz. Everyone said so…zzz

    MX: Eww. Wtf so gay. -_____-

  3. Since young cherrie got aeroplane to play leh so syok. I wanna wack aeroplane.. i mean play aeroplane when young also duno how. Anyway ur bro seems alot younger than you and u teach him how to play your aeroplane xD

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