Did you know that…

1. Some days, I look into the mirror, and I see a fat ass looking back at me.

2. When I look through my pictures, I feel like this inadequate fat ugly girl who is in desperate need of plastic surgery.

3. On very rare occasions, I think I look quite pretty when I see my reflection in the mirror.

4. I sometimes wish I suffered from anorexia. So I’d be thinner.

5. I’m not really emo-ing. I just wanted to let it out.

10 thoughts on “Did you know that…

  1. every morning i look at the mirror and tell myself – “There’s just no point being a pessimist” (seriously, find me a good reason for being one)

    other days i ask myself – “Why must I be born a genius?”

  2. MX: Hmm, if I’m too optimistic then when things don’t work out then I’d be crushed. If I’m pessimistic that things won’t work out, then even if they fail the blow wouldn’t be as hard?

    Apple: Aiyo, at least your face is pretty. 😀

  3. If you are optimistic, you will never get crushed. Ever.

    you’ll just think of the bright side of the thing that didn’t work out. =D you know, if you just stop doubting yourself, i think you’ll achieve a lot.

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