Being upset does have its perks

Upon hearing that I’m upset about my stupid results, the boyfriend immediately whisked me away to KLCC for some pampering. 🙂

Haagen Daz! xD

Brownie Explosion.

Supposedly, the menu stated one scoop of cookies and cream and another scoop of cookies and chocolate served with brownies and chocolate sauce. But when the order came, it was vanilla and cookies and cream! 😦 No fair. But we didn’t request for an exchange, vanilla then vanilla loh. T_T

The little jug on the right was filled with chocolate sauce which I poured onto the ice-cream. And we were served complimentary glasses of water.

The ice-cream was nice. 😀 Coupled with the warm brownies, yummmm… I would say it’s more worth your money than to buy a normal scoop at RM11.45 each. But this dish does not come cheap either. It was about 30+ ringgit if I’m not mistaken. Once in awhile splurge is okay I guess. Unless you’re damn rich then by all means eat everyday loh. 🙂

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