Stupid Girl

The alarm was set to ring at 12pm. And it did. And I snoozed it. And then it rang exactly nine minutes later. And then I snoozed it. And the process repeats itself till the alarm finally got fed up and shut off by itself, leaving me to snooze in peace. So much for alarms huh. And both my clocks in my room ain’t working no more. Didn’t bother to replace the batteries when they died.

A message woke me up at exactly 1.20pm.

“Baby darling dearest.result out d.”

I bolted up from my fetal position faster than you can say boo and immediately switched on the laptop and the modem to check my result.

And lo and behold. My very very very disappointing result was flashing on the screen. My eyes straight away jumped to the Bs, ignoring the As at the top completely. The single most disappointing subject was PR Writing, for which I got a measly B. The other two were kinda expected as I hadn’t expected to score either of them. But PR Writing, is a writing paper. And I got a B. Not a B+ like he got. But a B. Meaning 3.0. Sigh. I’m a lousy writer.

Chinese A. No surprise there. English A. Hmm, I had thought the paper was quite tough since I only read through the notes on the morning of the exam itself. Advertising, A-. I guess I should be happy. Remember this? Yeah, I did it on the morning of the exam itself too. And if my mom saw how I studied, I think she’s gonna smack me.

But overall, my results suck big time. My CGPA now boasts a grand total of 3.4969. Goodbye 3.5.

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