No funny/nice title because I’m lazy like that

Here’s what I did on the date that almost killed my legs.

We had lunch at Chilli’s One Utama where I once again ordered the wrong thing. T_T No lah, actually my main course isn’t too bad, but I just didn’t quite like chicken. T_T

Chicken Crispers.

Portions here are blardy huge for me too. Therefore, I only managed to finish the corn on the cob. -_- And the majority of the fries were left intact wtf. I did manage to eat most of the chicken fingers though! 😀 Lucky I have a boyfriend with a big appetite lol. Oh, and by the way, those are honey mustard dressing. Not my favourite, but not too bad. If you like chicken then you should probably order this. But sadly I don’t like chicken. >.>

His lamb shoulder.

I like the veggies on the side. So I kept stealing his. 😛 And the mash potato is nice too. 🙂

Oh, and sorry about the pictures. They were both cut before I remembered to take a picture once again lol.

Bottomless orange juice and apple juice. 🙂

Afterwards we went for dessert at Baskin Robbins. Hmm, the new Oreo Cookies and Cream is nice. 😀 And I can’t believe the Haagen Daz outlet at One Utama is goneeeee. 😦 I haven’t even tried their fondue yet sob.

And then we watched Eagle Eye. Quite nice. Loads of actions but with a kinda predictable storyline and ending. Hmm. I really don’t have much to say, the dates are almost the same anyway. Lol. I’m just blogging because someone keeps asking me to update. *shifty eyes*

Next stop was Paddington House of Pancakes (yes, again). I actually just wanted to try out their dollar pancakes which I’ve been wanting to try since ages ago. So there,

PHOP’s best selling Treasure Box (according to them lah). Dollar pancakes with strawberries, bananas, plums, raisins, peaches, nuts and ice-cream. Oh, and maple syrup. We had to wait 10minutes ’cause they ran out of ice-cream and had to go buy some. -______-

And when one has time to kill, one camwhores. *shrugs*

Pardon the eye bags. T_T I didn’t want to take a picture but the boyfriend insisted. So here. T__T

So cute. 😀
The boyfriend’s takes.

Blardy lighting. Can’t see my highlights also. 😦

Eh, is it me or does he look sleepy. =.=
The camwhore’s takes.


The boyfriend: “Eh, even I look cuter in this angle.” Hehe, pro leh my camwhore skill.

Maybe I should start photoshopping my photos. T___T

Yay. I look stupid.

Baby dear and I. (I almost wanted to type baby dear and me. My English teacher’s gonna be really really disappointed if I did -_-)

This is the blueberry yogurt honey shake.

I purposely put this picture last to warn you guys not to order this the next time you ever to decide to eat in PHOP. Almost as expensive as the pancake itself, but I don’t quite mind paying if it’s nice. But it isn’t. -_- Virtually tasteless. Nevermind, I still can take it. But I kept choking on this it’s not even funny. T________T See those little little black bits? Yeah, the drink’s filled with em lil suckers (Me thinks they’re the berry seeds?). I almost choked to my death. Ugh. And we didn’t finish the drink. See the picture? Yeah, that’s about how much left in the glass when we went off.

And then I limped back home kthxbye.
p.s. No lah, the boyfriend sent me home. Whaddaya think? So ungentlemen meh?

4 thoughts on “No funny/nice title because I’m lazy like that

  1. dats a nice title ^^
    the lamb ok ok only.the chicken look small but damn hard to finish -.-
    i like the pancakes.the drink sucks –||
    n the pictures are very nice.
    baby don look stupid.mwah

  2. Sam: Hahaha. I lazy to think title. -.- Hard to finish leh. Proud of me hor? I almost finished it lol. 😛

    Apple: I tried my best to finish lol. Still can’t. Yeah, pancake’s nice! ^_^ Go try go try!

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