Note to self: I PROBABLY shouldn’t wear heels that are almost 4 inches in height the next time I plan to go out the whole day. You cannot imagine the agony my feet (and I) have to go through wearing those stupid heels for almost 9hours. I was literally limping at the end of the day but still had to put on a brave face lest he knows I’m hurting a lot. -_-

And then I got home and got those blasted heels off my feet. Only then did I realise the reason my feet felt like dying was because of a blister at the sole of my foot. And the darned blister in question was as big as a five cent coin. T_______T Oh, and the rest of my feet were chaffed up pretty badly too. And and my calves muscles hurt. T______________________T

Shall update about the more uplifting part of my day when I get the pictures. And when my feet felt more like a part of me once more.

4 thoughts on “Ouch!

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