I went out with Sam again on 27th of September (yes this is another out-dated post)(and yes, I went out with him again). We went to Itallianies at One Utama this time around. My second visit after a looooong looooong time. I warned him that the portions they serve at Itallianies are HUGE. But as usual, he disregarded my words. He even said that he could finish both his main course and mine as well. So since he insisted, we ordered two main courses (despite the waiter warning yet again that the portion is huge).

I quite like the deco actually. 🙂 Kinda rustic and warm.

His lasagna. Which was cut into half before I went “Ehhhhhh STOP! I want to take pictures first” 🙂 The lasagna was nice. Very cheesy yet not too cloying.

My Spaghetti Aglio Olio.

If I’m not mistaken, there are tomato based pasta, cream based pasta and oil based pasta. This one here is oil based. Before that, I was contemplating on whether to order the safe choices or to be a little different this time around. Safe being the usual spaghetti meatballs, marinara or cabonara which I’m used to having everytime I go for pasta. In the end I chose being different, which I kinda regretted. The picture looks nice, but that’s about it. I didn’t really like the pasta, a bit too bland to my liking. The only saving grace was that the prawns were fresh and huge.

Condiments. Olive oil, balsamic vinegar (me thinks), pepper and salt. Oh and at the bottom left of the photo there’s the remnants of the bread. It’s refillable and free of charge, and you could dip em into the olive oil and vinegar mix. 🙂 Quite nice but who would wanna fill up on bread when one goes to Itallianies right? =.=

The bill came up to around RM70. More or less. Quite reasonable. And no, he did not manage to finish both dishes. See, don’t believe me lah. Ish.

After lunch we went to watch Pathology! Very nice. 🙂 I still don’t like TGV though. Seat’s too small and too cramp. And the hall is incredibly small too. I missed parts of the movie ’cause I went out half way and went back in afterwards. Imma get a DVD or something next time I guess.

A group of pathologists (they cut up dead bodies and determine the causes of death) plays a game in which they each selects a target and kill him and let the rest of the group figure out how the victim was killed. If you’re extremely squirmish, I’d suggest you steer clear of this movie ’cause there are a lot of brains and guts involved (literally). And Alyssa Milano was in it too! I didn’t realise until I saw her in the movie. Then I went like, “Eh so familiar” before I figured out it was her. Hehe … I am a big fan of Charmed, that’s why. 😛 And I like Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes) too. So yeah, I quite liked the movie. 😉

Then at my insistence, we went to Parkson after the movie ended and got him a new wallet since his was like … ancient and broken anyway. Hope you like the wallet baby! 🙂 Thank goodness for sales, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to afford Alain Delon. -_-

We also watched Mamma Mia afterwards at GSC. This is what happens when we go out, I don’t really wanna go home. >.> I loved the movie! And if I told you I knew every single song in the movie well enough to sing along with them would you judge me? *bigweteyes* Haih parental influence lah, they’re always always listening to Light & Easy in the car! -_- Back to the movie, it was really nice! I loved it. (Wait, I think I said that already. Oh well…)

The movie takes place on a beautiful island named Kalokairi where the weather is like practically perfect everyday. The very cute Amanda Seyfried (I last saw her as a dumb blonde in Mean Girls, so much difference!) plays Sophie, a bride-to-be to her fiance Sky, who was played by the droolicious Dominic Cooper. Meryl Streep plays Sophie’s mom, Donna. Again, very very different from her character in the Devil Wears Prada. She is just so lively and lovable in this movie!

Then there are the three possible fathers of Sophie (long story, go watch!), one of which is Pierce Brosnan, I liked him much better compared to when he was acting in James Bond. -.- Oh, and there’s Julie Waters who plays one of Donna’s best friend, Rosie. She is actually the actress who plays Ron’s mom, Mrs Weasly in the Harry Potter movies! I didn’t even realised that. -_-

I think I just side-tracked and talked about the casts instead. -_____- Basically, this movie is a musical, which suits me just fine since I like musicals. And the ABBA songs were so nicely incorporated into the movie that I couldn’t help but feel like singing along too. Oh, and I love movies with happy endings. So I heart Mamma Mia. 🙂

A great great day. And I simply can’t wait for the next date! 😀

(By the time you guys see this, the ‘next’ date would’ve ended already. 😦 *coughscheduledpostcough*)

8 thoughts on “Italiannies

  1. the meatball spaghetti wasn’t nice.
    and i like the bread.
    i ate pizza the last time i went there.

    hmmm … mamma mia, i think i should watch since i know none of the songs lol ;x

  2. kritz: ARE YOU HINTING THAT I AM OLD RAWR! Yeah, tried the spaghetti meatball last time, not too horrible lah.

    Sam: Glad you liked it baby ^^ I think it’s nicer than the old one lol. Cheh, sure anot can finish?
    Ya, I like the twin seat. Don’t have the hand rest at the middle there. 😛

    brian: Go where makan also tell you meh? Chi sin ar. -_- How I know your kai jie there wor. Some more is YOUR kai jie not my kai jie. -_____-

  3. ya.sure nicer than the old 1.alot better =D
    can finish la i think.kakaka.not dat oily ma.cream cream easy eat.

    brian…nonit free so pariah like that la.tell u den u call kai jie give free.

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