Note: I blogged briefly about what happened in this post.

Went out with Sam on the 22nd of September where I had my first taste of Jogoya. ^_^ Jogoya is located in Starhills, top floor me thinks. I love love love Japanese food. Especially raw ones. Ngek. For those who prefer their food to be properly cooked, fret not. They have a wiiiiiide range of food that you can order. We went for lunch and the price is RM179.40 for two person inclusive of tax. Pricey. But worth the once in awhile splurge.

They have these paper clips thingy that you could dropped into the designated bowls. Uhm, for example, if you wanna have the seafood spaghetti, then you drop the clip into a bowl placed in front of the sample of the spaghetti. Then the chef will cook it and deliver to your table along with your clip. We had three clips for two person. More clips if your party is bigger. Yay for freshly cooked food!
I didn’t take much pictures heh. But if I remembered correctly there were the usual sushi sashimi spread, dim sum (which we didn’t try), pasta and lots others. And deserts. Forget their cakes and cookies. So not worth your time. Go for their ice-cream. You. Won’t. Regret. Listening. To. Me.


Concentrating hard on his ice-cream. Oh yes, see that half a coconut at the left of the picture? They have endless Thai coconuts you can drink. Doesn’t matter to me ’cause I don’t like coconuts. 😛

Eek! Horrible flash. >.>

Clockwise from top left: Steam scallops, blueberry and cherry cakes, tiramisu, seafood spaghetti, belgian chocolate and tiramisu ice-cream, deep-fried oyster mushrooms.

The scallop was not bad, though I’d prefer them to be of bigger size considering the price we paid; these are like baby scallops. -_-
Cakes, don’t bother. Yucky.
Seafood spaghetti, bland bland bland.
Ice-cream, from Haagen Daz. Need I say more?
Mushrooms, not too bad.

Some lamb thingy. I forgot. But wasn’t nice. Jogoya loves using black pepper sauce, which can easily lead to overdose. -__-

His macadamia nut ice-cream. See the impatient spoon? Lol.

My mango ice-cream and mango sorbet (yes all lumped into one big glop of mess, bleh). Large chunks of frozen mangoes in the mango sorbet. And smaller chunks in the mango ice-cream. Both very nice, but can be a tad too sweet for some people, not me though! 😀 I love ice-cream. Oh, and I believe you can tell that the other things on the plates are orange, grapes and honeydew respectively right?

No more pictures! 😀 But I did went for one last round of tiramisu ice-cream before we left. I couldn’t resist even though I was practically bursting at the seams. =x Oh, and no pictures of me because nobody took any. Lol. Other things we ate but didn’t take pictures of were some hot plate thingy, sushi, sashimi, gigantic squids, vegetables and sorry-i-cannot-recall-anymore.

And then we went for movie but I’ve already blogged about that so this entry’s gonna end abruptly. 😀

p.s. We ate from 12pm to 3pm. O.O Almost nonstop some more. I’m such a glutton. T_T

11 thoughts on “Jogoya

  1. lol dun angry la but i noticed all d food oso u comment either ok or bland cept the ice cream. i tell u wat, nex time go eat 80 bucks worth of Haagen Daz and the rest for dinner =X

  2. kritz: *coughthanksgivingchristmasbirthdaywhateverreasoncough*

    MX: Hmm… I liked the sashimi and sushi and also some hot plate thingy. but all didn’t take pictures. but then again, maybe i’m bias ’cause i love haagen daz. so your suggestion is probably reasonable xD

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