Lucky / Unlucky

I went to One Utama with my parents today. And before that, I went with my boyfriend the day before. The date can wait. Imma talk about the outing with my family.

We were having our dinner at Shogun when my mum had a gastric attack. So being the filial and good (ahem) daughter that I am, I decided to go get my mum some pills from the pharmacy located few floors below. Here comes the interesting part, one of the floor’s escalator broke down, so I had no choice but to walk. In my sensible no nonsense 2-inch heels that I bought several years back. I haven’t been buying sensible 2-inch heels for quite some time now. Vanity and what-not taking over the sensible part. Ahem.

Oh where was I? Right, escalator. So, slowly (’cause I was wearing heels remember?), I walked down the escalator. Those things are notoriously difficult to climb especially if one is wearing heels.

*Click* *Clack* *Click* *Clack* *Bam*

Just when I was about to reach the landing, my stupid heel strap broke. And I fell down a couple of steps. Lucky I didn’t roll down the escalator. T_____T And lucky I chose to wear shorts instead of skirts. T__________T

I was left trying to climb down the remaining few steps while dragging my broken heels along. So. Humiliating. Called my mum down to rescue me and off we went up the escalator (again!) since the shoe store is upstairs. Whaddaya know? The stupid escalator was working perfectly again. Ish! And so, I got myself a new pair of sensible 2-inch heels. Am I lucky or unlucky? Sigh.

Oh wait, I also got a new T-shirt. Hmm. Not a complete loss then. If you ignore the fact that I completely humiliated myself slipping down the escalator (thank goodness for handles). And while you’re at that, ignore the little bruise on my palm too. Kthxbye.

3 thoughts on “Lucky / Unlucky

  1. OUCH. Wait a sec, *grabs a ruler and finds out exactly how much is 2 inches*.
    I seriously don’t know how you people do that.
    Seems physically impossible.
    Oh yeah I LOL’d at the tag : suay fruit xD

  2. Kritz: *grabs measuring tape. eh, more like an inch and a half. heh. usually my heels are around 3-4 inches? any higher i’d risk breaking my nose.
    how could you laugh at my misfortune sigh.

    Sam: this one unexpected. how would i know the strap would suddenly break. T_T humiliating sia.

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