I actually hor, have things to blog about. But then, I’m too lazy. This is what happens when I’m back to KL. Sigh, I sleep at sunrise and wake up at sundown. -____-

Later today Imma help my mom cook! And Imma cook tomorrow. And then … if you don’t see me online anymore, means I’ve died of food poisoning. Lol. -__________-

Okay, I’m way way way too lazy to blog. ‘Cause if I were to blog properly, I have to upload pictures and all that stuff into my photobucket. Now I just couldn’t be bothered to do so … yet.

Anyone has any job to recommend? Preferably with high pay kekeke. xD

p.s. I have no car anymoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Dad sold it ’cause no one’s around to drive it. T_________T I wanna die now kthxbye.

5 thoughts on “Lazyness

  1. Apple: Don’t think he will. Sure nag me nag till siao later if I asked. T-T

    Kritz: Got money I go. 😀 I charge 10bucks per hour. And of course I don’t think I need to tutor you in your homework either. >.>

    Sam: Lay geeeeeeeeeeee. xD Wait me less lazy first lol.

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