The day I wished would never end

This weekend marks a first for me in my current relationship. The first time we’ve been apart for more than 24 hours. In the months we’ve been together, we’ve never spent a day apart. We saw each other at classes everyday. We went home together. We have dinner together everyday. And this time, we were apart for the entire weekend, with an argument to boot. I miss him.

We spent the whole day together again today. He treated me to Jogoya in Starhills where I had so much delicious food I thought my stomach would burst, yet I still went for another scoop of ice-cream. I cannot resist Haagen Daz. Much like how I cannot resist loving him more with each passing day.

Then we caught a movie in Pavilion. Love Guru. It’s a funny movie, and this time, the movie-going experience is a little different. Not gonna reveal why, but this time, we had an entire row all to ourselves. 🙂 I love snuggling in his arms throughout the movie. I felt safe there. And loved. I loved the way his lips felt on mine. I miss it, even if it has only been two days since we’ve been apart.

He insisted on riding the LRT to Kelana Jaya with me. Even though his house is in the other direction. I guess we were both trying desperately to spend just a few more minutes with each other. I clutched to him tightly on the train. Not out of fear of losing my balance, but I just didn’t want to let go so soon. I remembered him saying that he wished our stop would never come, then we wouldn’t have to part so soon.

If this is what two days do to us, I shudder to think of the coming three months where we would both be busy with other things like work and life that we wouldn’t have time to even see each other every week. I do not like long distance relationships. And even if this wasn’t long distance per-se, still, we would be far apart from each other’s arms. I don’t want that.

Baby dear, I love you. Yesterday, today, tomorrow and always.

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