The Weather

Yeap, let’s talk about the weather today. Or more specifically, the Kampar weather. I’m not sure if anyone has ever dedicated an entire post to the weather in Kampar here, but Imma try today. Because. I. Have. Had. Enough.

I can’t take it anymore! Even though I only have like a few more days here before going back to KL for my 3 months break, I simply must rant about the weather today ’cause it is really ridiculous. Oops, did I just reveal that this is going to be an angsty post? Oh well.

Let’s see, the weather here is, to put it mildly (hahaha mild, geddit? ahem, no? okay), unpredictable. One day, it’d be so cold I had to wear my jacket out for supper. Tomorrow, I’d have to shower 5 times a day just so I wouldn’t sweat like a pig.

Just a mere few weeks ago, it was so. blardy. cold that I was still shivering despite wearing an oversized jacket while I was out for supper. Now, I’m dying of a heatstroke as I’m typing.

The only reason I could think so that causes this kinda shitty weather, is that either Kampar weather has mood swings, or it’s the blardy mountains’ fault. How is it the mountains’ fault you ask? Well, Kampar is surrounded by mountains, and so you don’t get breezes often. The moisture is trapped in the air ’cause the clouds have no where to go (mountains blocking remember?). Then when the moisture in the cloud became too much and too heavy, it pours. Often days at a time. This is when Kampar would be hit with rainfall every single damn day. Especially during dinner time. Whee.

Then, we would be hit with a dry spell. Like now. With no rain. And no wind. Oh there’s something we have plenty though. Heat. HEAT. I don’t like the heat. Nuh-uh. Here’s something interesting, when I initially wanted to come Kampar for my studies, my parents were against it. Even my maternal grandma asked me not to go. One of her reasoning was that there was no air-conditioning in Kampar. She said I couldn’t possibly survive so better don’t go. .______________.

I’m longing for my air-conditioned room now. Though I guess I’d be dying to come back after a few days. Sigh.

p.s. Oh, and I must make a special mention to my wonderful neighbour. Thank you so much for banging and knocking incessantly on the wall to disrupt my peace and quiet. And my sleep. It’s terribly difficult for me to fall asleep and I DO NOT appreciate anyone disturbing me when I’m sleeping. Especially in this kind of weather. Now that I’m awake and moody, he has seemed fit to stop his banging and knocking. Why thank you so much.

5 thoughts on “The Weather

  1. oh..the sound comes frm ur neighbour’s wonder this morning i was awaken by that sounds.wanted to scold the person but dunno whr the sound comes frm.ish.stupid neighbours!!

  2. SY: Believe me, you would be sarcastic too if you were in my shoes… >.>

    Apple: Yea lah, I almost wanted to shout at the fella a few times. Ish.

    catherine: I think no people likes it ler. So hot! I’m melting…

    kritz: HAHAHAHAHA kawasan lindungan hujan wth. I completely forgot about this term lol. God knows what the heck he’s doing. I think it went on for more than half an hour lor! So angry.

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