Something is very wrong with this country. A politician who makes racist remarks and refuses to apologise was SUSPENDED for a mere three years. And a reporter who reported what she heard was arrested under the International Security Act (ISA). Apparently for speaking the truth.

If you’re rich and powerful, the law is above you. If you’re not, then the law will be used to exploit you. At least, that’s the message I got from this whole saga.


I finished my PR Writing paper today. Before the exam I’ve already started fretting about the lack of time. A friend commented that the exam haven’t even started, how would I know I wouldn’t have enough time? Easy, through experience. I just KNOW I wouldn’t have enough time. I wrote and wrote till my hand almost fell off my wrist and finished with not a single second to spare. Ugh.

Same thing happened to my English paper. If only I had enough time, I wouldn’t been able to do so much better than what I’ve done. Tell me, how are you going to manage answering 10 subjective questions, write a feature article and a press release/pitch letter all in two hours? Mission impossible, no?

Stupidity is a sickness. And I think loads of people are infected with it and are still being oblivious. Oh wait, that’s why it’s called stupidity huh?

3 thoughts on “Appalled

  1. 3 people arrested under ISA, RPK, the reporter and Teresa Kok. Ahmad should join them too -.-

    I remember doing my Chinese paper 2 …
    I had 30 minutes left and my essay was not done yet,
    Then I quickly ended it, afraid that I’ll lack of time,
    Turned out in the end I still had 20 minutes because I rushed too fast -.-

  2. Ahmad shouldnt join them. Ahmad should replace them. It’s totally racial politics, trying to make another may13 but failed HAH, and always use the xcuse ‘ISA to prevent another may13’, shyt, it’s so ironic dat using the ISA 2 arrest these 3 ppl would be the exact act that might have caused another may13. See, d ‘elites’ are the ones that r trying to spur racial tension when the people are trying to maintain peace.

  3. Kritz: Wah, 10 minutes to finish up. -_- If it was me I’d feel quite geram. ._.

    MX: It’s like this wan lah. Somemore the fella is adamant that he did no wrong despite everything that happened. This world is so corrupted I tell ya.

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