Random Facts Part II

1. I like vegetables. I can tolerate (or even like) most of em except for capsicum, ginger, choy sam and a few other vegetables which I don’t know the name of. My favourites are cabbage (anyhow you cook it, I will still like it. I have yet to find someone who manage to screw up cabbage for me), watercress soup and broccoli. 🙂

2. I often have dreams in which I’m flying. Not soaring, but just floating around and breezing around. I wonder if there is a deeper meaning to it.

3. I’m afraid of drastic changes in my life and I try to avoid them.

4. I wish to travel the world one day, if possible.

5. I hate smokers. Wait, I think I mentioned that before.

6. I have problems with confidence. I am never confident enough of myself and I never believe much in myself. Even when people give me compliments, I mostly accept them half-heartedly while never really believing them. I can’t help it.

7. I don’t do well under pressure. When I’m really nervous or pressured, my heartbeat will get out of control and I lose my muscle coordination. I can’t hold things properly and can’t think straight. One perfect example is when the time’s up during an examination and I still haven’t finish writing. The moment the invigilator says time’s up, I panic. And worse is if he comes over to my table and asks me to stop writing that instant. My heartbeat will usually go into overdrive and panic takes over my whole body, which makes it even harder to finish the paper.

8. Before publishing a blog post, I tend to read and re-read everything I type and have to make sure that there aren’t any glaring mistakes in it. Though sometimes there are still a lot of errors ’cause my England isn’t perfect. Oh, and I can’t live without spell-check and dictionary.com.

9. Sometimes I wish I was more in control of myself. I tend to blow things out of proportion when I’m really agitated. And then I’d feel bad afterwards.

10. I do not like people imposing limits on what I can or cannot do. Things like words limits in an essay makes me so frustrated at times. Or someone telling me that I can’t do something, when I know fully well that I am capable of doing it and doing it will make me happier, plus, it wouldn’t hurt anyone in the process. So why not? Hmph.

11. Random little things in life can lift my spirits up. A cute piece of note, a scoop of my favourite ice-cream, a nice comment on my blog, my favourite show on TV, an interesting site that could keep me occupied for hours at a time …

12. I like stalking food blogs. Especially when I’m hungry. I’m weird like that, I know. Most people tend to avoid seeing pictures of food when they’re hungry, but not me. 🙂 Am currently obsessing over Pioneer Woman, very interesting and great photos. Step-by-step instructions for loads of drool-worthy recipes.

13. Contrarary to popular beliefs (Hahaha, I didn’t know why and how I came up with that), I do like cooking. Even if I’m not very good at it. Problem is, no one dares or wants to try my cooking at home. >.> But I can make (or used to be able to make…) the most kickass Mama Carries cookies ever.

14. Sometimes I wish I was anorexic, or bulimic. Then I’d be able to lose weight.

15. I try not to regret decisions I made in my life. But sometimes, regret is inevitable.

p.s. I do realise all three pictures are food thankyouverymuch. >.>

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