People often bemoan about the problems they faced in life, be it money, love, education or whatever else that is bothering them. I am one of those people.

Yet, seeing so many complaints everyday, I can’t help but to notice that some problems faced by others were merely caused by them setting the wrong priorities. I am not saying that I’m great at prioritising ( heck, you’re talking about a girl that always always procrastinate till the last possible minute ), but there are some things that is so glaringly obvious that if some people would just set their priorities right, things would be so much easier and better for themselves.

Money. This is an issue almost everyone can identify with, unless your dad is some multimillionaire and you can have several hundreds to thousands of dollars at your expense at any given time. There are a lot of people who fret over money. Cutting back on this and that, being so calculative that you scare people off over a mere few cents. Cutting down on things that really matter and is beneficial, like food or other necessities. Yet, they either consciously or unconsciously spend their money on other things that should actually be foregone like stuffs on entertainment and what-not.

Normally, it wouldn’t be my business how others prioritise things in their lives. However, when they moan about it once too many times, I can’t help but to get annoyed at their obliviousness. If they could just see straight, they would know not to spend unnecessarily on unnecessary things. And that would just help their situation a lot and lessen their complaints.

I for one, am also guilty of not setting my priorities right at times. However, I’d prefer not to keep rub it in other’s faces and keep being ignorant about my own faults.

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