Final exams

Two of my heaviest subjects this semester are done. Yay. And I don’t think I’m gonna fail any of them. Yay.

Next, I have English for Mass Comm on Wednesday (Haha), Public Relations Writing on Saturday, and Chinese on next Tuesday (Hahaha). I have to read up on letter formats for my English paper, brush up writing skills for PR paper and focus on my Advertising paper which is set on next Thursday. Which is also the last paper of the semester. Which signifies the end of my first year in degree as well. Which also signifies the start of my 3 months long semester break. Which means a lot of other things that are really quite depressing, so I’m not gonna dwell on those today.

I’ve been operating solely on naps these few days that I feel so lethargic most of the time. I stayed up till wee hours in the morning (think 5-6am) doing notes and trying to commit everything to memory. But I was so tired that my brain felt foggy and clogged. I had to shake my head to clear the fog inside, literally. But 5 seconds later, the stupid fog came back. Sigh, I really should stop being such a procrastinator. One whole week of study week, and I did almost nothing productive. Plans to start studying on Monday were postponed to Tuesday, then to Wednesday, then to Thursday and so on… I promised myself that I would start latest by Thursday but whaddaya know? I finally started on Saturday night (or more accurately, early Sunday morning). One chapter was all I managed before giving up.

So technically, I studied for both my papers one day before the actual exam takes place. Haih, I don’t even wanna think about my CGPA this semester. Goodbye 3.5.

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