Nah, the president.

The Penang UMNO leader who called Chinese Malaysians immigrants and squatters who will never achieve equal rights in the country.

And the best part is, he refuses to apologise and instead DEMANDS an apology from people for asking him to apologise.

Bukit Bendera Umno division chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail has not only refused to apologise over his alleged racist remark but has demanded that Gerakan acting president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon and Chinese community leaders apologise to him instead for asking him to express regret.

“Dr Koh should apologise not only to the Malays and the Muslims but also to the Chinese in the country for creating so much tension”

Sometimes I really cannot understand the way some people think. Or act. I should be studying and not getting so worked up over politics right now. But I simply cannot let this slip. Ugh. Indeed, there is no more hope for this country just like what Kenny Sia said.

8 thoughts on “dumbfuck.com

  1. waaa. effects of wyehan-ism, makes ur vocab evolve. btw contrary to seeing it as no hope. it sorta reminds ppl why they voted. and this probably wont be forgotten in the next. no hope?

  2. He sucks. His face makes me wanna puke.

    I don’t know what the heck is wrong with him, it’s not like what we have now is solely contributed by Malays only, he makes it sound like Chinese are parasites…

    He even turned it around, saying that we being immigrants is just a statement before having independence…

    Bull lah, Chinese also played a part in the Parti Perikatan to go discuss about independence anyway…

    Never mind lah, it’s Malaysia anyway. Like any one can change this hopeless thing anyway …

  3. -sqiang-: Lol. I couldn’t help but agree.

    MX: I found it incredibly apt for the situation lor. Lol. There will still be his supporters, just like those who torn down posters of other political figures. And they say it’s the Chinese that disrupts the peace and harmony we have now, ha ha.

    kritz: He needs to brush up on his history. And learn basic things like humility and respect. It definitely wouldn’t hurt to grow a brain as well.

  4. those my friend, are extremists like him. and if the majority of society has not matured beyond that kinda thinking then v indeed have no hope. then again i believe society is maturing and those who support that kinda thinking are jz ignoramuses that nid 2 b educated.

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